Flat gaskets

Soft-material gaskets are universal sealing elements with a large range of application in all branches of industry. They can be used within a temperature range of - 200 °C up to a maximum of + 550 °C. A suitable material should be se­lected depending on the medium, medium concentration, temperature and type of flange being used.

We produce flat gaskets in all commonly-used soft materi­als. See also the section "Materials commonly used". As a general rule, thin gaskets are preferred to thicker ones.

The usual thickness of gaskets is 1; 1.5; 2 and 3 mm. PTFE gaskets should be used in the thinnest size possible due to cold flow.
The surface finish and evenness of the flange should deter­mine the gasket thickness to be used. The better the flange surface, the thinner the gasket can be. Soft-material gaskets require only low seating surface pressure av, but can be more easily overloaded than metal gaskets or metal/soft-material gaskets, especially at narrower gasket widths.

In order to avoid collapse, the sealing surface pressure must be between σV and σϑ and the following width/height relation­ships must be complied with:

Width / height relationships:


Gasket profiles with / without rim


Enclosed you will find downloads such as product documentation, product data sheet, safety information and gasket characteristics.

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