Metal compensators

Metal compensators
Used to compensate for pipe expansions, as vibration dampers, as installation compensators for non-flooding pipes or to facilitate installation of pipe fittings.
The core piece of the compensators is the parallel corrugated, twist-free metal bellows, mainly made of stainless and acid-resistant steel alloys.

The standard versions of the steel bellows compensators consist of a stainless steel bellows made of materials 304ss – 316ss and 321ss with connecting parts made of carbon steel.
The compensators can also be manufactured from other stainless alloys and, for higher temperatures, from highly heat-resistant alloys 1.4828, Inconel, Hastelloy and the like.

Area of application of compensators
All compensators, which have neither an inner guide tube nor an outer protection tube, can absorb axial, angular and lateral movements as well as vibrations. Therefore, these types have a very versatile application and can be used for practically all cases.

The permissible temperature of the standard versions with connecting parts made of carbon steel is up to +400 °C.
At higher temperatures, the connecting parts must also be made of alloyed steel.

Metal compensators


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