Metal profile gaskets

Solid metal flat gaskets are used in areas where, due to the medium, temperature, pressure and/or permitted leakage rate, soft-material or metal/soft-material gaskets are not particularly suitable. They have proven reliable at low tem­peratures of -200 °C as well as at high temperatures of over 600 °C. They are used at pressures ranging from relatively low to extremely high.

The thickness of the seal and the sealing material are gen­erally dependent on the flange surface and the operating conditions. The better the flange surface in terms of surface quality and evenness, the thinner the gasket that can be used, e.g. 0.5 - 1 mm as a gasket in spinning nozzle fittings or 2 - 3 mm for aluminium gaskets in heat exchangers.

It should be noted that soft metals (such as aluminium or silver) need only relatively low surface pressures to become deformed, harder materials on the other hand, particularly steel, require high sealing pressure.

Metal profile gaskets profiles


Enclosed you will find downloads such as product documentation, product data sheet, safety information and gasket characteristics.

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