Grooved gaskets

Grooved gaskets have proven extremely useful in all areas of industry, including the most demanding sealing tasks. Our grooved gaskets can be found in conventional power plants as well as in the primary circuit of nuclear power plants. In nuclear power plants, they are used e.g. as a heat ex­changer gasket, as a valve cap gasket or as a manhole cover gasket on steam generators or pressurisers.

Grooved gaskets have also been used to great success in the chemical and petrochemical industries. Particularly in places where there are high pressures and temperatures, and therefore high bolt loads, to contend with. In order to avoid damage to the flanges by the metal core, grooved gas­kets are generally used with layers of PTFE, graphite, alu­minium or silver. This gives total protection to the flanges, as the profile geometry has been specifically adjusted to suit the thickness of the layer.

We have developed a range of profiles to suit the various properties of the layer materials.

The principal purpose of the soft layers is not however to protect the flanges, but to provide a secure seal even at low minimum surface pressures. A triaxial stress is created in the profiling of the metallic carrier which has been filled with the layer material. The load capacity is limited by the break­ing point of the gasket and/or flange material. The stability of this combination is therefore significantly higher than with a pure PTFE, graphite, aluminium or silver seal.

Grooved gaskets be produced in sizes ranging from a few millimetres to a diameter of 4,500 mm on our lathes. The possibility of producing gaskets with greater diameters or one-off production from drawings, such as oval gaskets, can be examined in individual cases. For gaskets in heat exchangers with partitions, it is necessary to insert partitions with grooves of the same profile.

Grooved gaskets


Enclosed you will find downloads such as product documentation, product data sheet, safety information and gasket characteristics.

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