KLINGER Kempchen's hot-gas and hot-blast gaskets have proven themselves over many years of use in the iron and steel industry. Hot-gas and hot-blast gaskets are primarily used with dry gases and with high, dry heat. They are very suitable for the harsh conditions in hot-gas and hot-blast lines which also generally have low pressure. Depending on the leak-tightness required and the flange temperature, there are a number of models available.

Most gaskets can withstand the demands made of a gasket when used in hot-gas or hot-blast lines. The gaskets can withstand high temperatures, are non-flammable and chemi­cally resistant against dry, hot gases. They are used at high temperatures and at pressures of up to 10 bars. Gaskets with graphite inlays can be used at temperatures up to 550 °C.

The gaskets are available as circular or oval sealing rings or as frames. In their standard form they consist of a 3 mm thick core of unalloyed steel and a coating of fibreglass impreg­nated with graphite.

We can produce frame gaskets with welded plates or in some cases with holes directly from client drawings. If re­quested, we can also supply these gaskets with a different steel core, for example 1.4541 or 1.5414.

hot-gas and hot-blast gaskets profiles


Enclosed you will find downloads such as product documentation, product data sheet, safety information and gasket characteristics.

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