Packing types

Size of the Gap between Spindle, Gland Packing and Housing

If we designate the outer diameter of the spindle as d1 and the interior diam­eter of the gland or of the bottom ring as d2, then t = (d2 - d1)/2 is valid for the median radial gap between the spin­dle and the spacer or the bottom ring. In the case of an off-center position of the spindle or rod, the gap can double to one side to
2t = d2 - d1.

The table shows reference values for the maximum permitted size of the gap t in reference to the packing material. The influence of the operating pressure to be sealed was taken into account in this respect, as generally the smaller packing widths are inserted for the higher pressures.

Tolerances and the Composition of the Surface Area

For the rod or spindle, the accuraey degree should be h9. The surface area roughness should be Rz ≤ 2,5 µm or alternatively Ra ≤ 0,6 µm.

For the gland, the tolerance accuraey degree D10 was proven. The

Packing Overview, Clearances and Tolerances


Enclosed you will find downloads such as product documentation, product data sheet, safety information and gasket characteristics.

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