Blow-out proof TA-Luft K80S TA-HT

TA-Luft demands the ”use of high-quality gaskets“. This high level of quality for flanges and fittings is defined in the VDI 2440 ”Emissions Reduction in Petrol Refineries“ Directive. Alongside high-quality seals for control and shut-off devices such as metal bellows with a down-stream safety stuffing box, sealing sys­tems such as the TA-Luft K80S TA-HT Packing can be used.

The first criterion for the equivalence is that the design layout of the sealing system permanently produces the intended func­tion under operating conditions.

Secondly, the specific leakage rates must meet the following limits:
» 10-4 mbar-l/(s-m) at sealing system temperatures below 250 °C or 10-2 mbar-l/(s·m) at sealing system tempera­tures greater than or equal to 250 °C.

The requirements placed upon these sealing systems are as varied as the applications, meaning that selection is performed according to prescribed criteria. In doing so, the application pa­rameters such as temperature, pressure, medium, type of movement and maximum applicable lifting force as well as the number of expected lifts during the entire period of operation must be taken into account.

K80S TA-HT is a packing unit with a total of seven rings. They partly consist of rings manufactured from graphite with stain­less steel sheet inserts and partly consist of rings manufac­tured using flexible graphite as well as stainless steel foils lo­cated in between. The K80S TA-HT was classified as high-qual­ity packing within the meaning of the TA-Luft for temperature ranges greater than or equal to 250 °C by the MPA in Stuttgart with certificate no. 0005/2012.

Blow-out proof TA-Luft K80S TA-HT


Enclosed you will find downloads such as product documentation, product data sheet, safety information and gasket characteristics.

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