PTFE finished parts

PTFE wedge ring packings
This robust and reliable pack­ing is suitable for sealing valve shafts at high pres­sures and with abrasive me­dia. The wedge rings are ex­truded inwards against the shafts and outward against the housing by the pressure of the stuffing box. The stuffing box follower can only be pre-stressed far enough to reliably seal the packing.

Piston rings and piston guide rings
Today's industry is increas­ingly in need of compressors that guarantee lubricant-free gas-tight sealing. In applica­tions requiring the compres­sion of dry gases a compres­sor at high temperatures and piston speeds, equipping the plant with PTFE piston rings is the design engineer's only option.

V-ring packings
V-ring packings are primarily used for sealing with axial movements. A complete set consists of several V-rings with one pressure and sup­port ring each.

For applications where the use of O-rings made from elastomers is not suitable - whether as a result of chemi­cal attack or excessive temperatures - O-rings made of PTFE are used instead.

PTFE Support rings (Back-up rings)
The task of the PTFE support ring is to back-up the constant gap between the pistons and the cylinder.
The installation of support rings prevents the extrusion of the rubber O-rings into the sealing gap at axial move­ments to pressures over approx. 2.5 N/mm², leading to the destruction of the CD-ring.

PTFE-enveloped O-rings
PTFE enveloped O-rings unify the superior chemical resist­ance and low friction of PTFE and the elasticity of O-rings made from elastomers.


Enclosed you will find downloads such as product documentation, product data sheet, safety information and gasket characteristics.

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