Flat sealing strips made from pure graphite are available at 98 % carbon quality and at nuclear quality of 99.85 % carbon. They can be supplied in a smooth or corrugated roll. The strips are manufactured with an adhesive backing.

The width of the strips ranges from 6 mm to 70 mm. The usual lengths are 10; 12; 15, 47 and 50 meters. Other lengths are available on request.

Depending on the circumference, the strips are delivered in plas­tic cans, in cartons or skin-packed onto cardboard.
The thickness of the pure graphite strips is 0.38 mm; 0.5 mm; and 1 mm. The density of the 0.5 mm and 1 mm strips is 1.0 g/cm³. The strip with a thickness of 0.38 mm has a density of 1.1 g/cm³.

Pure graphite strips have excellent gliding properties, a chloride content of less than 50 ppm and are self-lubricating. They also have outstanding heat-conducting properties and contain no adhesive agent or filler. Pure graphite strips are physiologically harmless.

Self-sticking pure graphite strips are useful when fitting strips on hard-to-reach positions.

If a punched pure graphite gasket is not available as a clad­ding for metallic gaskets, e.g. grooved gaskets, then a self-adhesive pure graphite strip can be used. Depending on the width of the strip, the corrugated strip can also be used for small radiuses.

Pure graphite strips can also be used to seal spindles. For this, the strip is wound around the stem, so that it can then be pressed into the gland area by the gland flange.

We also supply pure graphite strips as pre-compressed rings. Seethe section entitled "Packings", RivaTherm Packing K80.



Enclosed you will find downloads such as product documentation, product data sheet, safety information and gasket characteristics.

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