Double sealing system

Old and new plants constantly place greater demands on safety and reliability. This applies at certain sizes to bolted flange connections on apparatuses, valves and pipelines. For many years, sealing systems with intermediate exhaust­ing or certain areas of the chemical industry. The simplest example of this consists of two O-rings concentrically ar­ranged in grooves.

This or similar designs are problem-free, as long as the components to be sealed are inherently stable and retain their position relative to each other. The bolt load applied, the internal pressure, the temperature or even external forces and moments all cause the flanges to take on a certain angle to each other, and so large deformations in the area of the seal should be anticipated.

The use of some gaskets leads to noticeable difficulties if the gasket is not able to securely seal the flanges as they slant against each other. The problem is even more difficult when two concentrically aligned gaskets are used.

If both gaskets are aligned as a main load seal or else if both are in off load contact, in each case significantly greater seal­ing recovery proportionate to the lever arms is required from a gasket than from other gaskets.

In many cases it has proven preferable not to have the com­ponents so inherently stable, so that leaks can be avoided with the pressure applied or with large applications of force

Double sealing system


Enclosed you will find downloads such as product documentation, product data sheet, safety information and gasket characteristics.

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