Splatter-shield strips

Dangerous, hot or pressurised media are transported through pipelines in many branches of industry. Wherever these pipe­lines are connected to each other with bolted flanges, there is a danger that a leakage of the dangerous medium will occur, leading to an accident.

This can involve acids or alkalis, high-pressure steam or boil­ing water, high-pressure hydraulic oil or heat-carrying oil, com­pressed air or water, to name the most important sources of danger.

Design and operation
Splatter-shield strips in Profile BWQ are made from 0.2 mm thick stainless steel strip of material 1.4541. They are corru­gated at right angles to the length. When used with a flange connection, the corrugation along the strip creates many small openings to the outside.

This means that the dangerous medium cannot stream out directly onto a person standing in front of the flange connec­tion. Instead, the stream of acid, alkali or water will hit the interior of the splatter-shield strip and then flow at low pres­sure through the opening.

Splatter-shield strips


Enclosed you will find downloads such as product documentation, product data sheet, safety information and gasket characteristics.

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