KLINGER Kempchen donates for children from war and crisis areas

KLINGER Kempchen already supported the Peace Village Oberhausen in the past. In our archives we found an old photo from 1982, at that time Mr. Junker-Kempchen handed over the donation to Friedensdorf Oberhausen. There are almost 40 years between the two photos. The problems have remained the same. Then as now, the Peace Village helps sick girls and boys who cannot be treated in their home countries, which are ravaged by wars and crises. An improvement of the situation is not in sight worldwide.

Today, the press spokeswoman Ms. Claudia Peppmüller was able to accept a donation of 5,000 euros from the hands of the managing director Mr. Klaus Schonebeck and the sales manager Mr. Karsten Frontzek.

Spende Freidensdorf International