All common variants in our finished goods warehouse

In contrast to static seals, stuffing box packings are mainly used in dynamic installation situations. Where the escape of liquid or gaseous media at the housing passage of moving elements such as spindles or shafts is to be avoided. Both rotating and oscillating movements must be compensated for. Factors such as material, impregnation and the manufacturing process of the packing are decisive for reliable sealing.

KLINGER Kempchen offers you all common materials for this purpose, such as graphite, PTFE, aramid, etc., which are produced in-house in all required manufacturing processes. This applies to braided packings as yard goods as well as to pre-pressed and preassembled packing systems such as the packing set K80S TA-HT. In order to be able to cover your short-term requirements, we keep all common variants in stock in our finished goods warehouse. In addition, our technical consulting service will determine the individual solution for your installation situation.

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