KLINGER KemProof is an online tool for desktop and mobile devices and supports bolting technicians in calculating the tightening torques required for correct gasket installation.

This virtual tool was developed for different starting situations and parameters and is fully compatible with DIN and ANSI flange types. It also verifies according to DIN EN 1591-1 in connection with EN 1092-1 flanges. Last but not least, it also considers installation environments in terms of EN 13555.

The program supplies the tightening torque of the bolts taking into account:

»  DIN, ANSI flange type
»  Additional loads
»  Screw type and screw material
»  Pressure
»  Temperature
»  Required leakage class
»  Coefficients of friction
»  Seal type

The program is based on a calculation algorithm based on AD2000-B7, taking into account the gasket characteristics according to EN 13555. All parameters can be selected from data tables via a menu structure. The program is is extremely user-friendly due to its intuitive structure and leads to a Result.

All data entered is sent to the user by e-mail as a PDF file. Please register under
After a short time you will receive the access authorization by e-mail.

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