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Written orders are compulsory for us. Verbal agreements require a written
confirmation. Acceptance of our order must be without any reservation,
otherwise the order can not be placed (according to civil code 2 §150).
We are not obligated to reply, if the supplier submits an order confirmation
which deviates in any way from the order itself. Orders can only be made
under our terms of purchase and delivery. Other terms- not already fixed
in the terms and/or agreement – do not apply, even when we do not expressly
disagree with them. Deviations from our terms require, in order to
be binding, our expressly written approval in each case. With the execution
of order, the supplier automatically acknowledges our terms.

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» Terms of Purchase

General Sales

The following terms of payment and delivery only apply to traders and
to those who deal with mutual trading transactions. Our terms of payment
and delivery apply to all following business after they have
reached the customer once. Nonconforming terms and conditions – as
long as they are not stipulated in the entire offer and order confirmation.

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» General Sales Terms and Conditions