Systematic measures to identify causes


In spite of careful construction, high-quality gaskets and an increasing assembly quality, and even when complying with the prescribed mode of operation, it is not always possible to prevent flange joints from failing. The well-known guidelines in particular have a few weaknesses.

These leaky flange joints often result in a massive economic loss due to the undesired leakage of media and the production down-time which follows in most cases. 

The damage also mainly leads to a considerable repair expense with relatively high costs for maintaining and cleaning the area around the leakage. Here, it is important to introduce systematic measures for identifying the cause and to clarify all the circumstances in order to identify the causes of the leak.

Corrective measures can only be introduced in a targeted manner if the cause of damage has been clarified by way of the corresponding investigations. The same or similar undesired incidents can be eliminated safely in the future.

Final investigation report

At the end, we will prepare an investigation report together with you, which states the direct causes of the leakage. All investigations are subject to the most stringent confidentiality.