Professional e-learning for bolting fitters

With the coming into force of the fourth part of DIN EN 1591, operators will be provided with a standard that will allow training by fitters. This makes it possible to select assembly personnel according to the criterion of individual assembly competence to select.

In future, gaskets in flanges will be competently assembled by certified personnel. The necessary training measures have been designed by Kempchen on the basis of DIN EN 1591 and certified in accordance with ISO 9001.

In conformity with the standards, we offer an online and practical phase, which provides the necessary basic knowledge to to produce a tight flange connection.

After a successful online phase the following questions can be answered:

  • What has to be observed during storage, transport and handling of different gaskets?
  • What has to be observed when installing the gasket?
  • Which occupational safety requirements must be met during assembly and disassembly?
  • Which tools / tightening and tightening procedures are to be used – depending on the case?
  • How are the clamping elements handled (how, which, when)?
  • What must be observed when dismantling a seal?

Before the examination to become a certified fitter, there is a two-hour practical phase. It is possible to work on a wide variety of flange shapes and types of assembly processes can be practised. Especially due to the existing measuring technology in the training centres the fitter should develop a feeling for the importance of the correct selection and application of the required torques.

Flyer Montageschulungen mit e-Learning-Tool (german) (pdf)