Reduce your downtime to an absolute minimum.

A plant that is out of operation does not generate any profit. Therefore, KLINGER Kempchen’s Shut Down Services are designed to reduce downtime to an absolute minimum. For this purpose, customers are provided with an on-site service and production base. Thus, we offer mobile services, a production support station, a customer-specific consignment stock with all seals for standard pipes, as well as a fully equipped machine park.

This approach, which provides all the necessary components for a successful shutdown directly on the factory premises, offers a multitude of advantages. Most importantly, customers benefit from constant on-site contact, ensuring they are prepared for any eventuality. A customised stock range, supplemented by soft-material gasket materials, comb-profile and corrugated gaskets as well as gland packings, ensures that the required gasket inventory is always available wherever it is needed. Metal and soft material gasket refurbishment, bolt and stud expansion, blind gaskets and bolt and stud cleaning are just some of the relevant services.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Permanent contact person on site
  • Customized stock assortment
  • Production of soft material gaskets with plotter technology
  • Manufacture of grooved gaskets
  • Production of corrugated ring seals
  • Output of stuffing box packings
  • Reconditioning of metal and soft-material gaskets
  • Extension to screws and bolts, sockets
  • Cleaning of screws

Our mobile machinery

For our shut down service, we provide a mobile machine park so that help can be provided on site as quickly as possible. After all, your system should be ready for use again as soon as possible.