It all began in 1889 …

Leading in static sealing technology

Since the establishment of our company in 1889, we have made a significant contribution to the advancement of seal­ing technology with the development of our gaskets, packings and compensators. This is a tradition that we continue to this day. Thanks to the years of technical knowledge avail­able to us, we can offer clients not just standard solutions, but individually-tailored system solutions. Our clients can take advantage of this added value every day.

The quality of a product is de­termined by the materials used to make it. We only use ap­proved materials which have also undergone continuous quality control in a modern chemical and physical labora­tory.

All test results are docu­mented and linked to the rel­evant batch. We keep the most commonly-used mate­rials in our semi-finished products store, so our clients can always be supplied quickly.

On request, we and our distribution partners can keep many standard and non-standard dimensions of our products in an extensive buffer stock. Our warehouse holds a range of more than 17,000 different articles in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The most modern machines and facilities guarantee that our products are produced to a consistently high standard – quickly and efficiently.

Expertise in static sealing technology

The close contact we have had over the decades with clients through our distribution partners and field staff – beginning right from the planning phase – means we can offer a sig­nificant contribution to solving problems.

What really stands out in this service is our expertise in the field of static sealing technology – especially when gaskets are used at high pressures and with critical media.