Pre-dimensioning the flanges and flange joints

We can assist you from the initial idea and sketch, pre-dimensioning the flanges and flange joints, to strength calculations right up to the finished drawing – even in manufacturing and supplying designed single flanges and flanged joints, from blank disks, seperation disks and diaphragm disks, and fromtubesheets for heat exchangers. Our manual and highly modern CNC production system guarantees the greatest degree of precision and speed, also for short-notice deliveries.

In this context, we can offer you the following services:

Specifications and testing:

  • Selection and specification of the required materials and production form.
  • The preparation of all mathematical certifications and preliminary inspection documents.
  • Verification and approval by our cooperating notified body.
  • The procurement of raw materials and forged parts.
  • Preliminary material exclusively from notable European roller and forge manufacturers.
  • The supply of all materials commonly used in the refinery and chemical industries.

Dimensions and weight per unit:

  • Production of flanges and flanged joints, blank disks, seperation disks and diaphragm disks and of tubesheets up to a diameter of 3000 mm and a unit weight of maximum 3000 kg.
  • Component length limited to maximum 400 mm! Longer components upon consultation.

Quality assurance:

  • The procurement of raw materials such as plates, bands, welded rings and forged parts exclusively from manufacturers with approval according to PED 2014/68/EU annex I, point 4.3 and AD2000 W0 or HP0 / HP100R.
  • Closed quality assurance from the goods-in check to the re-stamping during production, right up to the final checks of the finished product.