Quality assurance of flange connections during turnaround, plant shutdown and revision

In addition to the seamless supply of sealing elements and mobile production on site, our support in quality assurance of flange assembly completes our full-service offer. Our employees, qualified according to DIN EN 1591-4, supervise the dismantling and assembly of flanged joints on site within the desired time frame. According to their specifications, they visually assess the situation and record any deviations. In addition, our team is available to provide technical advice to your assembly partners during the operation. At the end of the project, a report with the overall documentation and a final assessment completes our service package

  • Quality assurance of flange elements
  • Qualified employees according to DIN EN 1591-4
  • Visual inspection, recording of deviations
  • Evaluation and documentation
  • Advice during the operation
  • Creation of a complete documentation