Besides the usual blind gaskets available on the market, we also manufacture special shapes, which have certain seal­ing advantages compared to the gaskets currently avail­able on the market.

If no thickness is specified, we set the thickness in accordance with the AD Technical Specification Sheet B5-2000. Using high-strength materials, we can manu­facture thin, and thereby light, gaskets. They must be as thin as possible, as they are frequently fitted between splayed flanges.

All gaskets are provided with a stable marker plate. The marker plate contains details about the manufacturer, nominal width and nominal pressure level, as well as a hold for a hanging storage. It can also be painted with a colour for security, to avoid accidents and unintentional isolation.

With our on-site or localised service we can also offer a gasket service. We can supply blind gaskets on request, as well as flat gaskets (for A1S) or sealing layers (for B7S/B9S). We can also arrange to hire these out for a fee. Contact us for further details.


Enclosed you will find downloads such as product documentation, product data sheet, safety information and gasket characteristics.

DownloadProduct documentation BLIND GASKETS (pdf)