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List of gasket data sheets acc. KSD 2021/50

Profile A1 – Metals

Nr.TypeThickness sMaterial 1Material 2File namePDF
102A1 RS 1E1-X31CrNi-SteelGr 99,85  0,5  0,7A1_102_0yes
64A1 RS 1,5E1 W51,5CrNi-SteelGr 99,85  0,5  1,0A1_064_1yes
70A1 RS 1K110-T61CrNi-SteelGr 99,85  0,5  1,0A1_070_0yes
45A1 RS 1E1-X40,5CrNi-SteelGr 99,85  0,5  1,0A1_045_0yes
8A1 RS 2E2 X22CrNi-SteelGr 99,85  0,5  1,0A1_008_0yes
7A1 RS 2E2 Z12CrNi-SteelGr 99,85  0,5  0,7A1_007_1yes
6A1 RS 2K110-B2CrNi-SteelGr 99,85  0,5  1,0A1_006_0yes
35A1 RS 3E2-W13CrNi-SteelGr 99,85  0,5  1,0A1_035_1yes
73A1 RS 3E2-X63CrNi-SteelGr 99,85  0,5  0,7A1_073_1yes
41CA10,5Gr 99,85 0,5 1,0CrNi-SteelA1_041_0yes

Profile A1 – NE-Metals

Nr.TypeThickness sMaterial 1Material 2File namePDF
23A122.4066 softA1_023_1yes
24A12,52.4060 < 90HBA1_024_1yes
30A12,52.4066 < 130HBA1_030_1yes
39A11,52.4060/ 66 softA1_039_0yes
87A11,524.068 < 100 HBA1_087_0yes
89A1124.068 <100 HBA1_089_0yes

Profile A1 – Graphite

Nr.TypeThickness sMaterial 1Material 2File namePDF
100A10,35Gr 99,85 0,35 1,0A1_100_1yes
36A10,5Gr 99,85 0,5-1,0A1_036_0yes
14A10,8-1,0Gr 99,85 0,8-1,0  1,0A1_014_1yes
101A12Gr 99,85 2,0 0,7A1_101_0yes
107A12Gr 99,85 2,0  1,0A1_107_1yes

Profile A1 + ZT (Zeichnungsteil) – Rubber

Nr.TypeThickness sMaterial 1Material 2File namePDF
145A15EPDM 70 with inlayA1_145_0yes
146A103. MaiEPDM 65A1_146_0yes
148A103. MaiNBR 70 (59M02)A1_148_0yes
92ZTNBR 50203 (free from reclaim)ZT_092_0yes
93ZTNBR 50209 (free from reclaim)ZT_093_0yes
94ZTNBR 50219 (free from reclaim)ZT_094_0yes
95ZTNBR 50239 (free from reclaim)ZT_095_0yes
96ZTEPDM 50320.0 u. 50323.0 (free from reclaim)ZT_096_0yes
97ZTNBR 50231 (free from reclaim)ZT_097_0yes
98ZTEPDM 50307 (free from reclaim)ZT_098_0yes
128ZTNBR 59002.0 (free from reclaim)ZT_128_0yes
136ZTNBR 59002.0 (free from reclaim)ZT_136_0yes
150ZTEPDM 50324 (free from reclaim)ZT_150_0yes
160ZTHypalon CSMZT_160_0yes

Profile A1 – PTFE

Nr.TypeThickness sMaterial 1Material 2File namePDF
17A11,5PTFE 6.4105A1_017_3yes
18A11PTFE  6.3001A1_018_3yes
119A12PTFE  6.3002A1_119_0yes
20A12PTFE 6.4105A1_020_3yes
21A11PTFE 6.3001A1_021_2yes
22A11,5PTFE 6.3002A1_022_1yes
25A13PTFE 6.3002A1_025_1yes
60A16PTFE 6.3002 (Block)A1_060_0yes
117A17PTFE 6.3002A1_117_0yes
74A12PTFE 6.3002 (Block)A1_074_0yes
166A10,56.3105 (PTFE-Glas 25%)A1_166_1yes
187A12PTFE TFM-1700A1_PTFE-TFM1700_187_0yes

Profile A1 – other materials

Nr.TypeThickness sMaterial 1Material 2File namePDF
A12Novaphit VSA1 Novaphit VS 2mm v1.0 080909yes
A12Novapress universalA1 Novap-Uni_Frenzelit_un21-0yes
A12KLINGERSIL C-4400A1_c4400yes
A12KLINGERSIL C-4430A1_c4430yes
A12KLINGERSIL C-4500A1_c4500yes
A10,8 bis 3,0KLINGER QuantumA!_KLINGER Quantumyes
A11,5novapress multi IIA1_Multi II 1,5mm_1-1yes
A12novapress multi IIA1_Multi II 2,0mm_1-1yes
A13novapress multi IIA1_Multi II 3,0mm_1-0yes
A11,0 bis 4,0Sigraflex HochdruckA1_SGL V…11Z3Iyes
A12Sigraflex BasisA1_SGL_L20010Z.pdfyes
A10,5Centellen WS3822A1_WS 3822 Hecker.pdfyes

Profile A10

Nr.TypeThickness sMaterial 1Material 2File namePDF

Profile A5

Nr.TypeThickness sMaterial 1Material 2File namePDF
63A5Aug 40CrNi-SteelA5_063_0yes

Profile A7

Nr.TypeThickness sMaterial 1Material 2File namePDF
26A7 (Form D)1,5 – 2,0CrNi-SteelA7_026_3yes
34A7 (Form D)2,0 – 3,0CrNi-Steel2versilbert 30-50 µmA7_034_2yes
40A7 (Form D)22.4066 softA7_040_0yes
161A7 (Form D)1,6Ag-FK 99,85% Ni 0,15%A7_161_0yes

Profile B2

Nr.TypeThickness sMaterial 1Material 2File namePDF

Profile B25 to B29

Nr.TypeThickness sMaterial 1Material 2File namePDF
129B25 ….. B297CrNi-SteelGr 99,85 1,0B27A_129_1yes
2B25A-B27A-B28A-B29A)0,5 AuflSteelGr 99,85 0,5 1,0B27A_002-2yes
10B25A-B27A-B28A-B29A5SteelPTFE 0,35-0,5 1,6B27A_010_2yes
38B25A-B27A-B28A-B29A0,5 AuflCrNi-SteelGr 99,85 0,5 1,0B27A_038_0yes

Profile B7 to B18

Nr.TypeThickness sMaterial 1Material 2File namePDF
110B74CrNi-Steelohne AuflagenB7_110_0yes
143B72,5CrNi-Steelohne AuflagenB7_143_0yes
59B7A0,5CrNi-SteelFK-Silber, softB07A_059_0yes
1B7A-B9A-B15A-B18A0,5 AuflSteelGr 99,85 0,5 1,06B07A_001-1yes
9B7A-B9A-B15A-B18A5SteelPTFE 0,35-0,5 1,6B07A_009_2yes
37B7A-B9A-B15A-B18A0,5 AuflCrNi-SteelGr 99,85 0,5 1,0B07A_037_0yes

Profile F1, F12

Nr.TypeThickness sMaterial 1Material 2File namePDF
106F1214301Gr 99,85 — 1,0F1_106_0yes
19F122,514301Gr 99,85 — 0,7F12_019_3yes

Profile P71 bis P85

Nr.TypeThickness sMaterial 1Material 2File namePDF
44P7110 – 50Gr 99,85 1,6—-P71_044_0yes
28P71K10 – 50Graphit 99,85CrNi-SteelP71K_028_0yes
112P71KL16 – 50CrNi-SteelGr 99,85 1,0P71KL_112_0yes
142P74KMai 20Gr 99,85CrNi-SteelP74K_142_0yes
43P7510 – 50Gr 99,85 1,6—-P75_043_0yes
58P75K10 – 50Gr 99,9 0,5 1,0CrNi-SteelP75K_058_0yes
29P76KZ12 – 50Graphit 99,85CrNi-SteelP76KZ_029_1yes
61P8110 – 50Gr 99,9 0,5 1,0CrNi-SteelP81_061_0yes
81P8510 – 50Graphite 99,85CrNi-SteelP85_081_0yes
62P85K10 – 50Gr 99,9 0,5 1,0CrNi-SteelP85k_062_0yes

Profile PF3

Nr.TypeThickness sMaterial 1Material 2File namePDF
77PF33PTFECrNi-St. Hochr. GrPF3_077_0yes

Profile SpV

Nr.TypeThickness sMaterial 1Material 2File namePDF
46SpV13,2CrNi-SteelGr 99,85 0,5 1,0SPV1_046_0yes
56SpV14,5CrNi-SteelGr 99,9 0,5 1,0SPV1_056_0yes
66SpV13,5CrNi-SteelGr 99,85 0,5 1,0SPV1_066_1yes
82SpV13,5CrNi-SteelPTFE unsinteredSPV1_082_0yes
91SpV14,5CrNi-SteelPTFE 0,7SPV1_091_0yes
125SpV13,5CrNi-SteelGraphit 0,5SpV1_125_1yes
27SpV1-A4,5/5,5CrNi-SteelGraphit 99,85SPV-A_027_1yes
55SpV1J4,5CrNi-SteelGr 99,9 0,5 1,0SPV1I_055_0yes
84SpV1J3,5CrNi-SteelGr 99,85 0,5 1,0SPV1J_084_0yes
57SpV24,5CrNi-SteelGr 99,9 0,5 1,0SPV2_057_0yes
124SpV24,5CrNi-SteelGr 99,85 0,5spv2_124_1yes
42SpV2-A3,5/4,5CrNi-SteelGraphit 99,85SPV-A_042_0yes
31SpV2J5CrNi-SteelGraphit 99,85SPV2J_031_0yes
126SpV2J4,52.4060 (Monel)PTFE unsinteredSPV2J_126_1yes
4SpVNG4,5CrNi-SteelGr 99,85 0,5 1,0SPVNG_004_1yes
75SpVNG3,2CrNi-SteelGr 99,85 0,5 1,0SPVNG_075_0yes
76SpVNG7,2CrNi-SteelGr 99,85 0,5 1,0SPVNG_076_0yes
157SpVNG7,2CrNi-SteelGr 99,85 1,0SpVNG_157_0yes
127SpVNG4,52.4360 (Monel)PTFE unsinteredSPVNG_127_1yes
88SpVV15,5(6,0)CrNi-SteelGr 99,85 0,5 1,0SPVV1_5,5_088_0yes
69SpZ14,5 – 4,9CrNi-SteelGr 99,85 / PTFESPZ1_069_0yes
120SpZ13,5CrNi-SteelGr 99,85 / PTFESPZ1_120_0yes
67SpZ1J (I)4,5 -5,0CrNi-SteelGr 99,85 / PTFESPZ1I_067_0yes
83SpZ2J4,5CrNi-SteelGr 99,85, PTFESPZ2I_083_0yes
109SpZJNG4,5CrNi-SteelGr 99,85, PTFE unsinteredSPVJNG_109_0yes
49SpZNG4,8CrNi-SteelGr 99,85, PTFESPZNG_049_0yes
71SpZNG3,5CrNi-SteelGr 99,85 / PTFESPZNG_071_0yes
114SpZNG4,52.4360 (Monel)Gr 99,85, PTFE unsinteredSPVNG_114_1yes
139SpZNG4,5CrNi-SteelGr 99,85 1,0SPZNG_139_0yes
173SpV-NG7,2CrNi-SteelGr 99,85 1,0SpV-NG_173_0yes
179SpV-NG7,2CrNi-SteelGr 99,85 1,0SpV-NG_179_0yes

Profile W1 to W11

Nr.TypeThickness sMaterial 1Material 2File namePDF
15W1 A / W 11 A3,5CrNi-SteelGr 99,85 1,0 1,0W1A_015_1yes
85W1A2,3CrNi-SteelPTFE 0,35W1A_085_0dyes
90W1A2,5CrNi-SteelGr 99,85 0,5 1,0W1A_090_0yes
118W1A7,3CrNi-SteelRS3E2 1,0 1,0W1A_118_0yes
140W1A5,324.360EPDM 70W1A_140_0yes
111W34CrNi-SteelPTFE-Schnur ungesint.W3_111_0yes
147W3824.360E-Glas, EPDM-SchnurW3_147_0yes
47WZ372.4360, E-GlasEPDM, NBR-impr.WZ3_047_0yes

Profile WG, WS, WG2, WL, WL2

Nr.TypeThickness sMaterial 1Material 2File namePDF
123WG – WL… FKM 5074610330WG_123_0yes
184WG FKM 50730WG_184_0yes
53WG, WG2, WL, WL2, WS NBR 80 (50239)WG_053_1yes
54WG, WG2, WL, WL2, WS EPDM 70 (50320 / ..23) peroxyd.WG_054_2yes
79WG, WG2, WL, WL2, WS NBR 80 (50231)WG_079_0yes
80WG, WG2, WL, WL2, WS EPDM 70 (50307) schwefelvernetztWG_080_1yes
103WG, WG2, WL, WL2, WS NBR 50244WG_103_0yes
104WG, WG2, WL, WL2, WS FKM 50711.0WG_104_1yes
105WG, WG2, WL, WL2, WS NBR 59224WG_105_2yes
108WG, WG2, WL, WL2, WS EPDM 59009WG_108_0yes
113WG, WG2, WL, WL2, WS NBR 50224WG_113_0yes
50WG, WG2, WL, WL2, WS NBR 65WG_050_1yes
51WG, WG2, WL, WL2, WS NBR 75WG_051_1yes
52WG, WG2, WL, WL2, WS NBR 80 (50219)WG_052_2yes
150WG, WG2, WL, WL2, WS EPDM 50324WG_150_2yes
168WG, WG2, WL, WL2, WS EPDM 50333WG_168_1yes
169WG, WG2, WL, WL2, WS EPDM 59324WG_169_1yes
183WG, WG2, WL, WL2, WS EPDM 59324WG_183_1yes
95WG, WG2, WL, WL2, WS NBR 50239WG_095_0yes
96WG, WG2, WL, WL2, WS EPDM 50320.0 u. 50323.0WG_096_0yes
97WG, WG2, WL, WL2, WS NBR 50231WG_097_0yes
98WG, WG2, WL, WL2, WS EPDM 50307WG_098_0yes
128WG, WG2, WL, WL2, WS NBR 59002.0WG_128_0yes
136WG, WG2, WL, WL2, WS NBR 59002.0WG_136_0yes
160WG, WG2, WL, WL2, WS Hypalon CSMWG_160_0yes
186WG, WG2, WL, WL2, WS FKMWG_186_0yes


Nr.TypeThickness sMaterial 1Material 2File namePDF
11K363 – 22PTFE-MultifPTFE-DispersionK036_011_0yes
12K36SMrz 22PTFE-MultifK036S_012_0yes
32K80 Dichte 1,2Apr 25Gr 99,85 1,2K080_032_1yes
48K80 Dichte 1,4Apr 25Gr 99,85 1,4K080_048_0yes
5K80 Dichte 1,6 –1,8Apr 25Gr 99,85 1,6–1,8K080_005_1yes
158K80 Dichte 1,2+-0,1Apr 25Gr 99,85 1,0K080_158_0yes
159K80 S Dichte 1,6+-0,1Apr 25Gr 99,85 0,7CrNi-SteelK080S_159_0yes
33K80 S Dichte 1,6Apr 25Gr 99,85CrNi-SteelK080S_033_0yes
151K80 CApr 25PTFE-HülleGr99,85 1,4K080C_151_0yes
141K83Mai 25AramidK83P_141_0yes
171K80Apr 25Graphit 99,85K080_171_0yes
172K80Apr 25Graphit 99,85K080_172_0yes
174K80Apr 25Graphit 99,85K080_174_0yes
177K80Apr 25Graphit 99,85K080_177_0yes
178K80Apr 25Graphit 99,85K080_178_0yes
180K80Apr 25Graphit 99,85K080_180_0yes
175K80SApr 25Graphit 99,85K080S_175_0yes
181K80SApr 25Graphit 99,85K080S_181_0yes
165K40Jun 50PTFE – Graphit – Faser (GFO)SiliconölK40_165_0yes